There are literally hundreds of attractive towns and villages to live in Spain. However different regions of the country vary greatly so before deciding to relocate to Spain and purchase a property you will need to do your homework and find which towns will best be suited to your needs and way of life.

If you are moving to Spain and will need to work in the country you should consider moving within commuting distance of one of the larger cities such as Barcelona. Because Barcelona is a thriving tourist city there are many opportunities for work even if you do not speak the local language.

Tourist towns like Javea or Benidorm on the Costa Blanca also afford working possibilities without knowing the language, as you will mostly be dealing with patrons from abroad. Like in other parts of Spain, houses for sale Javea can be found at affordable prices to suit most pockets.

If you do not need to work in Spain or are moving to the country to retire you may want to consider somewhere a little quieter. Properties on the coast are more expensive than if you’re prepared to move inland, so you might want to look villages that are somewhat away from the coast rather than seaside resorts if you’re on a budget.

The Biggest Spanish Property Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

We have all heard of the nightmare scenarios that seem to frequently occur in Spain when foreigners purchase property in the country. Rogue builders may sell properties that are not registered and even in some cases construct a villa on land they do not own.

Unfortunately in these cases the local authorities have no sympathy with the buyers and simply rip the house down at their earliest convenience leaving the poor homeowner homeless, often penniless and distraught.

In most cases these sad situations could be avoided. Before buying in Spain it is imperative that you seek legal advice from a trusted lawyer who is preferably bilingual. Finding such a lawyer is not difficult – once you have decided which area you would like to live in speak to local property agents and also expats who have spent some time in the country. They are likely to be able to make very good recommendations concerning legal counsel when buying a property. Once you have had the same lawyer’s name mentioned several times you can proceed with confidence and make the purchase of your Spanish dream home as hassle free as possible.

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